Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Quick update after a long hiatus

My apologies for not writing in such a long time (as if my blog is read by so many people...hahahah!), but I had simply become lazy and have no idea what to write. Of course, the political scenario of our country is becoming more and more exciting since the days of March the 8th, but most of us would have been able to read about the multitude of events, as well as analysis of them, in various other blogs and news site.

As for myself, I have sort of eased back into the normal, boring, working life after being involved in 2 weeks of hectic campaigning. Our elected reps are working their butts off, and it's difficult to catch up with them compared to before...not because they want to be unreachable, but simply the work and time expected and required of them to serve effectively as elected representatives makes even making time for themselves seem impossible! That is not exactly a life the majority of us would envy, I guess...heheh!

After the initial boo-boos and stutterings, the Pakatan Rakyat state governments in the states of Penang, Selangor, Perak and Kedah seem to have found their feet. I would assume you already know about the various scandals and massive mismanagement of the previous BN governments unearthed by the new PR governments. Not surprising, but nonetheless shocking when you consider the scale and size. Clearing out of the EXCO offices (including PCs, stationeries, etc.) makes one wonder what those guys are trying to hide if they were really as clean as they claimed to be, especially that fella Khir Toyo who is now the opposition leader of the Selangor State Assembly.

Though finding out the scale of mismanagement, and drawing a clear line between the previous BN government and the current PR government, is important, what is even more important and crucial is for the PR governments to show to the rakyat that they can govern well, and govern better than the BN. The expectation is heavy, and in some cases unrealistic. But this is the one and only opportunity for PR. Failure, like what Guan Eng, Chief Minister of Penang, has said, is simply not an option. Fail and we'll definitely be kicked out next round. Govern well, the rakyat will at least look at our governing record, and could give us another mandate.

Of course, there are plenty of talks now about whether Anwar really has the numbers required to form the Federal Government by September 16th this year, or just playing a psychological game with an already shaky and directionless BN. I'm ambivalent about party hopping, but definitely against any law that restrict or violate a citizen's constitutional right to freedom of association. The arguments for and against party hopping vary from one extreme to the other, showing just how complex this issue is and not as simple as black and white as most people think. Just as some think it is morally indefensible for one to leave a party for something else, especially during a time of uncertainty for a weakened party, it can also be argued it is morally indefensible to continue to prop up a government which has lost all credibility, directionless, visionless, and seem intent on sabotaging the economy of the various states instead of working for the greater good of the nation. Like many other issues affecting society and mankind, it is never really as black and white as many would like it to be. More often than not, issues are really coloured in grey, and various shades of grey at that.

So much for a short and quick update. As for me personally, I am trying to draw the attention of party leaders to the need for a more systematic talent management framework internally. This is more crucial now than ever considering we need to have a pool of competent technocrats to help the party govern well. With access to more opportunities in various state agencies, companies and statutory bodies, a system which mirrors the management trainee programs of reputable large MNCs could help create that needed pool. But much remains to be seen as there are more urgent tasks to be completed. In the mean time, I am back at work, still keeping a close eye on the political on-goings, and hoping for the best.

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How's your aikido coming along, more than one year has passed, dropped out?